What does it mean to be an ‘approved tester’?

Take a look through our brochures, discover more about us on our website or even meet us at events and you’ll hear us talking about our status as ‘approved testers’.

But what is an approved tester – and why is selecting a supplier who can tell you they are one so important?

How did we gain approved tester status?

Elite Fasteners is part of the Construction Fixings Association (CFA). The CFA is a trade association of major manufacturers that exists in order to set the industry standards that govern the fasteners and fixing sector. To do that, they commit to the ‘highest level of quality and safety in the selection and installation of safety critical fixings’.

As CFA-certified distributors, it’s proven we achieve outstanding levels of technical support, customer service, and commercial integrity. But we’ve gone one step beyond, and gained status as CFA Approved Testers for general purpose anchor testing. It’s a status awarded to only 11 companies in the UK, so we’re beyond proud to be one of the elite few selected.

What did we have to do to qualify?

CFA approval is far more than a credibility status. It demonstrates not only that we provide only the highest standards of products and workmanship, but that we’re amongst this small group of 11 companies able to carry out approved independent testing both onsite and in-house (as well as onsite pull testing).

To award this, the CFA needs to be confident we can:

• Test the majority of construction fixings to a high standard
• Demonstrate an incredibly high knowledge of how fixings work
• Supply reliable products
• Arrange for site testing of fixings
• Provide knowledgeable technical support in-house.

Why is this so important for our customers?

For you as an Elite Fasteners customer, the status gives you complete confidence in our products and practices. It tells you that we’re backed by regulated trade associations, who only give approval to companies they know have the highest standards and will uphold them – and thus protect their

reputation. It’s certainly not something that’s easily awarded, which is a true testament to the work ethic and dedication of every single member of our team.

Since our CFA-accreditation, we’ve continued to strive to be at our best. We’ve recently gained ISO 9001 certification: a quality management system that shows you we meet our customers’ needs with relevant regulatory and statutory requirements. It may not sound glamorous, but it’s extremely important to make sure we rise to the high standards you set us – and those we set ourselves.

You’ll find our ISO certification and CFA accreditation here.

We want every single customer to always know they’re in safe hands with Elite Fasteners. And our CFA approved status and ISO awarding do just that – giving you the confidence in our products, service and customer care.

To find out more about our accreditations and how they make a difference to your project, get in touch with a member of our experienced team today.