Stainless Steel Rivets

Rivets come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and colours but our rivets stand out from the rest, they are no ordinary rivet. Encompassing strength, quality, with the flexibility of finishes and sizes our rivets are some of the best available. We now offer A4/A4 rivets as part of our wide range of fixings and fastners.

What are rivets

Rivets are a pin like form with a head at one end and at the other, the tail or mandrel. A hole is made for the rivet to be placed into and then the tail is removed which holds the rivet in place. Special tools can be used to install them. You can contact us for more fixing advice.

Rivets are used to make strong joints, holding materials firmly together. Rivets are much stronger than screws and won’t loosen when subjected to vibration. The high strength joints can be made in a variety of materials, most often being metal.

Wide Choice Available

Our rivets are available in a range of colours and colour matching is also available, just speak to one of our expert team to discuss your project requirements.

We can also supply in mill finish if a coating is not required, these are held in stock and we offer fast delivery. Coatings also include metallic finishes and RAL colours.

The multigrip rivets are particularly suited to for face fixing due to their large flange. The stainless steel rivets are suitable for fastening in coastal or marine areas where corrosion levels are higher. If you need support in choosing your rivet then just contact us and we can offer you some guidance on choosing the best rivet for your project.

The strongest type of rivet available is a stainless steel rivet with a stainless steel mandrel or known as A4/A4, but other strong rivets available are made up of other combinations such as aluminium rivets with stainless steel mandrels.

Reliable Supplier of Quality

The stainless steel variant allows for a longer building life as each rivet is fully marked meaning they are fully traceable even after installation. If you would like more information on this then please contact us. Our rivets are specially treated to allow for a high quality finish. You can be sure of the quality of our fixings and fasteners so you’ll only receive the best products to deliver a high quality finish every time.

Mill finish rivets are always in stock and can be despatched for next day delivery or if coated can be delivered within 3-4 days. We endeavour to despatch your order to you at the quickest possible time using trusted delivery partners to avoid any delays and ensure your order arrives promptly.

We stock and supply a wide range of other fixings and fasteners, take a look at our range here and you can contact us for more information.