Fire Barriers & Fixings

Supplying you with high-performance fixings and fasteners for the safe installation of fire barriers.

Fire barriers are crucial. They are designed to prevent smoke and flames spreading through walls, using high temperature sensitive materials that seal off gaps during fires.

Naturally, they’re a vital concern for every project manager and contractor on every single construction project to keep properties and people as safe as possible.

Elite Fasteners supply a range of fixings and fasteners suitable for use in the installation of fire barriers. Our fixings and fasteners include high-performance FAZ Anchors and FBS Bolts as well as SXR and SXRL Fixings.

FAZ II Anchor Bolt

The FAZ II Anchor Bolt is a high-performance steel anchor that comes in different variations with a choice of washers. You can find out more about this anchor and its benefits in our brochure.

FBS II Ultracut

The FBS II Ultracut is a high-performance screw with up to three embedment depths, making it possible for the same screw to be used for different component thickness.


The SXR is a specialist frame fixing with a short drill hole depth. It has exceptional performance and can be used in hollow and solid building materials with an anchorage depth of 50mm.


With a long expansion sleeve, this fixing is a powerful problem solver. Approved for applications under a compression load, the SXRL 14 is also ideal for façade substructures mounted at a distance without wall brackets.

For more in-depth information about each of our fixings and to learn about the benefits of each fixing, take a look at our brochure.

Different types of fire barriers include:

Cavity FireStop Clad – FCFcl

A Cavity FireStop Clad is designed to protect the building void between the inner and outer construction elements. It has a one piece closed dimension stone wool core, developed for use in ceiling cavities, slab edges, or under floor insulations in voids up to 590mm wide.

The aluminium foil face boasts excellent smoke resistance, and the product offers great air permeability and acoustic isolation properties.

Fire|Barr ElastoSeal – FFB-ES

This elastomeric fire resistant coating for construction joints and assemblies is suitable for linear joints in construction elements with openings up to 600mm wide. It is a hugely flexible fire barrier, as it has 50% movement capabilities, can be applied by brush or spray, and works in temperatures between -10°C and to +95°C.

FFB-ES ElastoSeal has been developed for use on 80kg/m³ stone wool base. Its one part water based acrylic coating has been designed to provide smoke and fire protection on both vertical and horizontal construction joints.

Fire|Barr VentiStop – FFB-VS

This Fire|Barr system is designed to be used horizontally in cavities, within openings up to 450mm span, and between ventilated the rainscreen cladding and the building structure. Available in different widths and pre-cut units, Fire|Barr is suitable for bespoke and irregular applications and free from halogens, fibres, asbestos, silica, and toxic materials.

The Fire|Barr system is installed with a minimum air gap of 25mm. When this is exposed directly to heat from fire, its integral intumescent strip rapidly expands to fill the air gap within the cavity, which can provide up to an hour’s fire protection. This has been tested in both masonry and concrete timber.

For more information about fire barriers, and to find the suitable fixings to install them take a look at the free to download fire barriers technical information brochure. You can also find more information on our Technical Downloads page, which includes comprehensive details of our range of products, their usage and their benefits.

Whether you’re looking to explore a vast range of in-stock component fasteners and fixings for your latest project, or you need a bespoke product creating to suit your unique needs, get in touch with our team here at Elite Fasteners. We pride ourselves on our expert industry knowledge and second-to-none customer care, so no matter your project please give us a call on
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