Do your fasteners and fixings meet the right building regulations – and why is this important?

Building regulations: just another of those dull topics you hear sector specialists talking about?
Far from it. While any mention of the word ‘rules’ might feel a little restrictive, making sure your projects, processes and products comply with the latest building regulations is vital. In fact, failing to follow them puts safety and reputations at risk.

What you need to know about building regulations

Building Regulations are the requirements for the design and construction of buildings. You need to comply with them at all times, whether you’re making changes to an existing structure or working on a new build project, for both personal home-builds and commercial contracts.

The regulations are important because:

• They make sure everyone working in and around the building is safe
• They look to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
• You may struggle to sell or lease a property if you don’t have the right building regulations certificate
• You could be fined or even prosecuted and met with legal action if you don’t meet them.
Building regulations are also often changing. So it’s vital to make sure you know what the latest updates are, and comply with them.

How Elite Fasteners products help you

Though it’s important to stress we’re not carrying out the work on your behalf, you can rest assured in the quality of the components Elite Fasteners supply.

Our ranges and expertise are extensive, meaning:
• We work in close collaboration with international partners
• Our technical download guides make sure you’re choosing the right product from the very start
• The team has decades of experience, so can advise you confidently
• We develop bespoke products, checking every single detail is just as you want it.
We’re here to offer as much help and guidance as we can. But, don’t forget, it’s your responsibility to make sure your work meets the regulation requirements to protect you and your property.

Why the regulations matter to us

At Elite Fasteners, we truly care about the building regulations, both to keep everyone we work with safe and to make sure we’re doing what we can to reduce the impact of our industry on the environment. We’re working to achieve NetZero 2050 and are proud of the way the team are

playing their part – from recycling more to working closely with partners to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain.

To find the right fasteners, fixings and component parts for your project so you fully comply with every exacting building regulation, explore our product range and speak to our team.