Free downloadable guides for product selection

Choosing the right product for your project can be challenging. To help you, we’ve produced the following guides, each completely free for you to download. They’ll make selecting the components you need simple and straightforward.

Of course, if you can’t find the product you’re looking for or need some advice, our sales team understand each and every technical term and are here to support you. Simply give them a call.

Sub-Grid Application Guide

Browse this informative Product Application guide.

Insulation Fixings Guide

An informative guide about Insulation Fixings.

Bi Metal and Stainless Steel Fasteners Guide

Browse this guide to find out what’s new for all your bi metal and stainless steel fastener requirements

Insulation Retaining Washers Guide

An informative guide about Insulation Retaining Washers.

Composite Panel Range

This brochure contains the full composite panel range.

Impact Driver Information

An informative leaflet with guidance on the use of an impact driver tool.

Building Envelope Solutions

This brochure covers all the fixing and fasteners you need for your building envelope.

Cast in Channel System

Discover the advantages of the fischer Cast-In Channel Systems

Rainscreen Cladding

A catalogue of appropriate fixings and fasteners for use with rainscreen cladding installation

Fire Barrier

Everything you need to know about fire barriers.

Trade Brochure

Our complete brochure packed with a wide range of fixings, fasteners and accessories.

Concept Brochure

Browse the Concept range of brackets, rails and fixing for cladding installation.

Fischer FBN Datasheet

Take a look at our data sheet for bolt anchors.

Fischer SXRL Datasheet

Our data sheet for frame fixings.

Fischer FBS II 6 Datasheet

Take a look at our data sheet for concrete studs.

Fischer FBS II 8-14 Datasheet

Read our concrete studs datasheet.

Fischer RGM Datasheet

Take a look at our data sheet for studs.

Quick Selection Guide

For a quick selection of insulation fixings download our guide here.

Need help to choose the style?

View this helpful guide to different types and styles.

Selecting the correct size

Here is our handy guide to help you select the correct size.