Products created to meet your exact needs

We stock a wide range of off-the-shelf components. Yet we know they can’t always solve your unique fixing issue. Therefore, we can create a customised or bespoke construction component to meet your needs, using special drawing or samples, and provide ultimate, suitability and proof testing.

Made to Order

You might have a particular fixing issue, and none of the off-the-shelf components can solve your problem. We can manufacture a component that does exactly what you want it to, created or customised to order.

No Minimum Quantity

Every project has its own specific needs. Therefore, there’s no set quantity or minimum order to place with us. This means we can work to your needs and create individual products with a flexible and bespoke manufacturing process.

Chemical Blackening

Meeting design needs is important. As such, we can coat fixings and fasteners using black oxide, which creates a chemical reaction that produces a black coating. As well as meeting design demands, this also offers some corrosion protection.

In-house Drawing

Need a special product part? We can design and create a drawing of your product in-house. Our experienced team can create any bespoke item based on years of construction industry knowledge and specialist drawing skills.


Assessing a product’s suitability sometimes requires testing, and is often the case when ordering larger quantities. We can provide samples of our bespoke products for ultimate peace of mind and confidence that the large volume orders will meet your needs.