The fischer range: finding the perfect products for your project

The calibre of fixtures and fittings we provide is always high here at Elite Fasteners. We choose our brands and our product ranges carefully, making sure the quality, functionality and performance properties meet your high expectations and our high standards.

This quality commitment is one of the reasons we choose to provide fischer construction products. As an approved fischer supplier, we’re proud to be trusted to represent a brand with such integrity, and have every confidence in the properties and suitability of the extensive range.

What makes fischer a name you can trust?

Construction specialists use fischer systems in complicated building infrastructures and ambitious building projects on a worldwide scale.

fischer installation systems are strong, safe and efficient, and incredibly diverse, so they’re suitable for a broad range of projects both indoors and outdoors. fischer focuses particularly on fireproof fixing, ventilation and pipe connections, suitable for light and heavy loads.

Which fischer products do Elite Fasteners offer?

Here at Elite Fasteners, as approved fischer suppliers we have a brochure dedicated to fischer products, which is available to download here. It’s designed to help you find out as much information as possible about the extensive range, detailing product information to help you make clear and confident decisions about which fischer fixing or fastener is best suited to your project.

In the brochure, you’ll find:

  • A Declaration of Product Performance (DoP). This is on page two, showing it’s crucial to provide immediate peace of mind about the products’ integrity. A DoP it describes the construction product’s characteristics, helping you make quick and easy choices about which item has, for example, the fire resistant properties you require and which has the strongest airtightness. A DoP is a requirement for most construction products on the European market.
  • A wide range of vertical profiles. These are listed carefully so you can easily see which length, surface finish, material or thickness you need. Profiles are also illustrated to help you identify your required profile type by image.
  • A variety of clips and clamps. We’ve provided diagrams and illustrations for these in the brochure, allowing you to see how they connect and combine with the complementary fasteners and fixings, such as wall holders, included within the range.
  • A number of horizontal profiles. These include C-profiles and C-profiles perforated to suit project need. You’ll find them listed with accompanying matching system numbers for ease.A selection of supporting accessories. For example, the fischer range includes helping hand tools to make construction project work easier and FLH extensions with different suitabilities.

How else can we support you to deliver your project?

At Elite Fasteners, we stock an extensive range of fasteners and fixings, and we’ve done so for more than a decade. Our team understands the need for you not only to find the perfect product for your project, but also that you must ensure it meets strict compliance standards for longevity, health and safety.

We offer a broad variety of construction components. However, if you can’t find the right one for you, or if you’re unsure about the suitability of an individual product, you can pick up the phone to chat to a member of our team. Their knowledge is unrivalled and they’ll always share their expertise with openness, helping you find the product for you. Plus, if we don’t have a product that meets your exacting needs, we’ll create one for you as part of our bespoke and customised range. Simply give us a call to find out more about how this works.

The Elite Fasteners fischer product application guide is available here and free to download.