Self-drilling screws: Tek screws® for installation ease

Self-drilling screws almost sound too good to be true. While we can’t guarantee our fasteners and fixings range will do all of your job for you, we can be certain that they’ll make your work much easier and your finishings much smoother.

That’s why we’ve added new products to our already expansive range of Tek screws®: Dome-Head Stitching Screws. These stainless steel screws have a huge variety of purposes and benefits, each accompanied with the guarantee that we’ll find the perfect product for your particular project.

What are ‘self-drilling’ screws?

‘Self-drilling’ screws do require a bit of manpower. However, they’re given the name as their pointed end acts like a drill bit. They also have sharp cutting threads that are used in the screw hole when they’re installed.

Commonly used, they’re perfect when you need a quick-drill screw in both metal and wood surfaces. They’re ideal for fixing components, brackets and types of hardware to light gauge steel substrates, where a low profile or anti-snag head is required.

How do they make your life easier?

As you may expect, Dome-Head Stitching Screws in the ‘self-drilling’ Tek screws® range are designed to make the installation process as easy for you as possible. You’ll find the sharp tapping threads an advantage, as they lower torque requirements, meaning the pressure on your wrist is reduced. What’s more, the incredibly hard (>55 HRC) and sharp, reduced diameter drilling points allow for the fastest possible drilling times, as well as reducing the ‘walking’ of the screw point on your substrate surface, limiting the potential for any damage.

You’ll also find the screws offer great benefit to your work even after you’ve finished on-site installation. The Dome-Head Stitching Screws provide ultimate corrosion protection. Therefore, once you’ve completed your work, you and your customer can both rest assured of long-term fastener integrity and reduced likelihood of rust and deterioration problems.

Where can you find more specification detail?

For full technical information, please download our detailed product brochure here. You can also get in touch with our team, who have extensive construction industry expertise and the dedicated personal approach to help you find the right product.

Of course, if there’s no self-drilling screw that’s perfect for you, ask us to customise one for you. You can find out more about our bespoke fixings creation process here.