Products in use: the work we’ve done, and what it means for you

It’s important to everyone at Elite Fasteners that you, our customers, are confident in our products and impressed by the service we deliver. We pride ourselves on our first class customer care, great prices, and an unwavering attention to detail on every single project we work on.

It also matters that we can prove our commitment to product excellence and service delivery. So you don’t simply have to take our word for it, we’re delighted to share our project highlights where our fixings and fasteners have been used in our portfolio.

Where will you find our fasteners and fixings in use?

With such a vast range of fasteners and fixings in our portfolio, it’s no surprise our clients are finding Elite Fasteners products to be the perfect choice in a variety of different projects. Let’s take a look at some recent projects where our fasteners and fixings have been used. You’ll certainly recognise some of these buildings!


Media City in Salford is famously home to the BBC, ITV, Ericsson, Kellogg’s, and more household names. The site build used our RAWL insulation fixings, designed for both security and breathability.

Edinburgh St. James

This new £1bn retail, lifestyle and residential development in the heart of Edinburgh has an attractive, distinctive look. To bring that to life, construction teams used Elite Fasteners’ blindbolts, insulation fixings and Fischer fixings across different areas to suit the needs of the build.

Baltimore Tower

This tower has an incredibly prominent location on the Isle of Dogs in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf and Greenwich districts. The construction project used our Fischer anchors, teks and HD blindbolts A4, and the finished building was declared Winner of ‘Best Residential High-Rise Architecture’ at the International Property Awards 2017.

Resorts World Birmingham

This entertainment complex, which boasts the largest casino in the UK amongst bars, cinemas and shops, is striking. Our lindaptor anchors, tapcons and molabolts were used to bring the complex to life.

Why are these project highlights important to you?

These partnerships with national names give you, our customers, the confidence that Elite Fasteners are able to deliver to exceptional standards. We’re trusted to provide fasteners and fixings to the most complex, well-known buildings in prominent locations, and it’s vital to our clients that our products perform to exceptional standards. It gives you peace of mind to know we can deliver to these high expectations.

That said, these big brands names don’t mean we compromise on the quality of service you value so highly. We’re still a family-run firm, and we pride ourselves on the support, advice and skill we deliver with the time to focus on you and listen to your needs for your project – no matter the size or scope.

Take a look at more of our project highlights here. Then, email or call a member of our team. No matter the big name clients we have on our books, every customer and every project is treated with the same care, respect and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for an off the shelf component or need a bespoke fastener or fixing created, get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help you.
For more information about the specific products used in our projects, download our latest product catalogue.