Powder coated screws: colour stability and fixing durability

Powder coated screws are small components that make a big difference to your project.

When you’re working on a new building or large construction project, it can be easy to overlook the smaller details. However, the right fixings and fasteners are crucial for a safe, secure finish that also shows you’ve thought of everything.

You’ll find an extensive range of powder coated screws at Elite Fasteners, with colours, sizes and finishes to suit all specifications.

Why is powder coating important?

Powder coating has huge aesthetic advantages. Yet it’s a clever, careful procedure that has been honed over years for maximum benefit for your project.

The powder coating process is where tiny particles of pigment, or resin, are sprayed onto metal using an electro-static spraying method. The result is that the particles bond to the metal surface. As this bonding is permanent, it means the screws are exceptionally resistant to damage, such as chipping. Therefore, you’ll gain great peace of mind in the security and longevity of construction.

What finish can powder coated screws deliver?

Of course, a safe build is the priority for everyone involved in your project. However, once security is assured, finishing touches can make the biggest difference to your scheme of work.

Powder coated screws are available in a huge range of colours. These means you can choose the exact colour that meets the needs of your application, keeping schemes consistent and matching bespoke requests. What’s more, as the powder coating process is permanent, the powder coated screws are incredibly durable and resist weathering and fading, keeping the colour stable for longer.

How can powder coated screws be used?

Powder coated screws have a strong, tough finish that makes them suitable for any hard-wearing fastening, from external façade cladding to heavy use vehicles.

You’ll find a huge variety of powder coated screws here at Elite Fasteners. We provide varied length and depth options, fixings available in stainless steel, HDG and zinc, and a broad range of colours. If you can’t find the exact powder coated screw that’s perfect for your project, we’ll manufacture a bespoke or customised product that meets your needs.

At Elite Fasteners, we’ve been providing the construction industry with a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf construction products for over a decade. So, whatever your project’s fixing and fastening needs, we’ve got it covered. We combine extensive product knowledge and technical information with a first-class, personal service and UK-wide delivery.

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