Made to order: create the perfect product for your project

There’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ approach to fasteners and fixings. Every project is different and has its own unique requirements. Finding the ideal component can be a huge challenge.

At Elite Fasteners, we know your products need to be perfect. That’s why we offer custom fasteners and fixings. Our team create customised or bespoke construction components to meet your exact needs. We design made to order components that solve your project problems, with no minimum order value for complete flexibility.

How can we create the right component for you?

You need to know you can trust the product that’s being created for you. At Elite Fasteners, our combined 40 years’ industry experience gives us product knowledge and technical expertise that you can rely on.

Each bespoke fastener or fixing we create for you is designed and drawn in-house. Our team have the years of construction industry knowledge as well as the specialist drawing skills to deliver the component that meets your specifications.

For total peace of mind, you can ask us to provide samples of the bespoke products we’ve created for you. With larger quantities, we’ll also suitability test the component for you so you can rest assured it’s just right for your project.

What will the finished customised component look like?

The smallest details matter for the perfect finish. Therefore, each and every one of our fasteners and fixings is available in a customisable colour. The powder coating methods we use to apply colour are industry-wide tried and tested. The powder coating process is permanent, providing great colour stability and impressive durability against weathering and fading.

To further meet your design needs, we can use a process called chemical blackening. This means we coat fixings and fasteners using black oxide, which creates a chemical reaction that produces a black coating for ultimate corrosion protection: making your bespoke fastener or fixing as safe and secure as possible.

Of course, the perfect product may be there already and suit your needs perfectly. Here at Elite Fasteners, we have an extensive range of off-the-shelf fixings and fasteners. You’ll find unrivalled stock availability thanks to our partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest construction product and component manufacturers, and our dedicated customer care team make sure we always deliver the products you need, when you need them.

Ask our team to help you develop your bespoke fastener or fixing today.