Creating customised components for project perfection

If you can’t find that perfect product for your project, don’t worry – the team at Elite Fasteners will create it for you.

We’re really proud of the extensive product range we stock here at Elite Fasteners. With our vast variety of fasteners and fixings, as well as supporting tools and component parts, we use top-of-the-range suppliers and provide a huge variety of products to suit a broad type of tasks.

Yet we know every project is different, with its own unique challenges, client requests and your complete commitment to perfection every time. That’s why we offer a bespoke service, creating the customised component you need to deliver to exact requirements.

How does the bespoke service work?

Our customised component service means we create and craft the fasteners and fixings you need made to order. That’s because we know specific needs differ, and yours are likely to be unique.

To get started, simply get in touch and tell us what you need. From there, our expert team will draw and design your product in-house here at Elite Fasteners. With their specialist drawing skills and impressive industry knowledge, they have the talent to create something superb.

What about design requirements?

As well as performance properties, our bespoke and customised service is ideal when you need a fastener or fixing to fit a specific design scheme.

We use black oxide to produce a black coating that delivers a sleek, smart and sophisticated finish. Not only does this meet aesthetic needs, the coating also offers some corrosion protection.

How can you be sure the product is right?

We’re really confident in our team’s experience and talents. But to give you complete peace of mind, we provide samples of our bespoke creations.

With our samples, not only can you test the product’s suitability but you can gain confidence that larger volume orders you place will be perfect. What’s more, with no minimum order quantity, we’ve developed a truly flexible process that works around your requirements.

Our bespoke and customised components service is just one of the ways we go above and beyond here at Elite Fasteners to offer support and knowledge that exceeds your expectations. As a family-run firm, we pride ourselves on a personal service, expert skills and complete attention to detail. So if you can’t find the fastener or fixing that’s perfect for your project, simply get in touch with our team. We’re always happy to help – and deliver.

Learn more about how our bespoke and customised service works here.