Bespoke products

Your own individual fastening tailor-made thanks to Elite Fastener’s customisation service

Every project you work on and every client you have is unique. It’s the same for us here at Elite Fasteners. That’s why we’re proud to offer you, our clients, bespoke construction components that meet your exclusive needs.

Why might you need a bespoke product?

We stock a huge range of off-the-shelf components here at Elite Fasteners. In fact, one of the primary reasons for our recent move to brand new facilities was to accommodate the vast, and ever-growing, range of fixings and fasteners we stock.

However, sometimes an off-the-shelf product can’t completely solve your problem. Naturally, you never want to compromise on attention to detail, product finish and safety. That’s where Elite Fasteners step in to manufacture a component that does exactly what you want it to, created or customised to order.

How does component customisation work?

First, tell us what the project is and what problem the component needs to solve. Then, our in-house design team will get to work and create a drawing of your product right here at the Elite Fasteners site. They combine specialist drawing skills and years of industry knowledge to create your design.

Meeting design and safety needs is incredibly important with bespoke component creations. We can use a process called chemical blackening to coat fasteners and fixings with a black oxide coating, meeting design demands while providing anti-corrosion properties.

How can you make sure the product is perfect?

Suitability and proof testing is important. So we can provide samples of bespoke products that you can review, test and assess before placing an order of large quantities. That way, you can rest assured your unique product will perform perfectly for your project.

A truly bespoke service is one that’s right for you. Therefore, there’s no set number of components or minimum order quantity to place. It means we can be flexible to adapt to your individual needs.

Solve your specific fixing issue with a bespoke construction component customised to order. To find out more, take a look at some of our bespoke products here. You can also get in touch with our team on 01922 61 22 11, as well as follow us on LinkedIn for our latest news and product updates.