CFA-certified for complete peace of mind

You’ll need to be confident that your construction industry suppliers are knowledgeable and reliable.

At Elite Fasteners, we’re one of only 11 UK companies approved by the Construction Fixings Association (CFA) to carry out independent testing on site.

The CFA is a trade association of major manufacturers committed to raising ‘industry standards to the highest level of quality and safety in the selection and installation of safety critical fixings’.

Our team are all incredibly proud to be approved CFA distributors and testers, allowing us to go above and beyond expectations to meet your needs. Always striving to do better and keep up to date with all regulations, we also have ISO certification.

CFA Approved

Elite Fasteners are Independent CFA approved testers and we have in house testing facilities available.

What is a CFA certified distributor?

Approved Distributors are Associate Members of the CFA. As certified distributors, CFA have validated that we meet their exceptionally high standards of customer service, technical support and commercial integrity.

There’s a wealth of qualifying factors to becoming a CFA approved distributor. These include accredited supply of reliable products, providing technical support via sales staff knowledgeable in the use of fixings, and ability to arrange for site testing of fixings where necessary.

What is a CFA certified tester?

Accredited members of the CFA Approved Tester Scheme are assessed as capable of testing the majority of construction fixings, and in some cases certain specialist anchor systems, to a high standard and with a knowledge of how fixings work.

As members, we’ve been provided with necessary testing equipment, completed training, and proven our knowledge and testing methods.

Why does CFA approval benefit you?

Our CFA accreditation means you can rely on our approved industry reputation. It shows we’re committed to learning and development that provides you with the most up to date knowledge and services, with safety front of mind. You can be confident in our completion of accredited training and the quality of our equipment and processes.

ISO Certification

Elite Fasteners are now ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9001 quality management system ensures that we meet customer needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to our products or services.